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What is Dipping Powder?

Dip powder is one of the most advanced nail techniques on the market. Dip Powder allows you the flexibility of being able to grow out your thin, fragile nails, while still protect them, and have them look amazing. Not only is it great to use on natural nails, it also won’t chip or peel like other polishes. This Dip Powder is formulated without harsh chemicals, has added vitamins to help strengthen your nails, and won’t damage the nail bed. Unlike gel, Dip Powder requires no curing under an LED or UV lamp and it will dry fast. Dip Powder has a simple removal process, just soak it off with pure acetone, it makes changing your look very simple.

At NiNi Nails Salon, we only used top-quality Dipping Powder brand such as SNS, OPI, Kiara Sky, and more. We always update our collection with all the new seasonal colors. We are currently having more than 600 Dipping Powder colors and more to come.

Dipping Powder Collection
SNS Blooming Meadow Collection Dipping Powder

SNS  - Blooming Meadow

Take note and get ready for Spring season with 36 all new colors SNS Dipping Powder’s Blooming Meadows collection. Every shade going from strong, vibrant palette without being overpowering to pastel hues will be on trend and take center stage on feminine and totally chic ensembles.
The mindset for Spring 2019 reflects with empowering colors that bring confidence and spirit; colors that are elevating; cheerful hues that can be authenticity yet creative and provide unexpected combinations.

SNS Nude on Spring Collection Dipping Powder

SNS  - Nude On Spring

Go nude or bare - redefining nude for a new generation. With nail colors ranging from champagne pink to peachy brown, light beige to lavender lace, there is a nude to suit every skin tone and frame of mind.

SNS  - Winter Wonderland

A change in seasons is the perfect reason to switch up your look, we can start with your nails color. Need latest inspiration? Look no further than SNS Winter Wonderland collection to wear when it's cold. From frosty shades of blue to rich shades of emerald (and so many in between), not to mention these new glittery colors, you can cool off and chill out with SNS Winter Wonderland collection in the heat of Florida

SNS Winter Wonderland Collection Dipping Powder

One of the latest Dipping Powder collection by SNS. You will not be disappointed with these new colors.

SNS Indian Summer Collection Dipping Powder

SNS  - Indian Summer


Glow In the Dark Dipping Powder

It’s almost as if stars fell from the sky and landed upon your fingertips. You can easily light up the night with this new Glow Acrylic Collection. This unique glow formula charges during the day and looks like a normal acrylic manicure. Once the sun sets, watch as your nails begin to glow! Don’t miss out on this luminescent trend.

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